To create a blog post simply click Create post in the top right when viewing the main Blog area.

You should now be in the create post section, and from here all you need to do is enter your content into the Twine text editor. It works just like a normal CMS, so you should have no problems here (and yes, it does support emojis).

We recommend that you keep your Featured image in a 2:1 aspect ratio (like 720 x 360 px) to avoid cropping on the dashboard. 

Adding a comments section

To increase engagement, we recommend you enable Comments. These appear at the bottom of your published article as shown below.

Sending notifications

To promote your blog post, enable Notifications. This will send out an email announcing your blog post. You can set target recipients by group, location or department. 

Publishing your blog

Next, toggle Visible to all. You'll notice the Change published date menu will appear. Twine displays blog posts chronology, so this feature can be used to ensure your blog post is at the top of the dashboard.  

To publish, press Save post.

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