If you are an admin you can invite new people to Twine. To do this, use the 2 stage invitation tool by going to the main menu and press > People then press > Invite new people which is found to the right of the Overview page title.

  1. Once you’re on the invitations screen you have the ability to paste a set of email addresses or drag and drop a CSV file with your employees’ email addresses included.
  2. Next, write them a personalised message that they will receive by email (we’ve an example one you can use as default)
  3. Press confirm and send the invitations.

Once the invitations are sent, your users are sent a link by email to complete the registration form and fill in their profile information. Once they’ve done this, they’ll be on Twine.

You can change what personal information they need to submit by going to the Data Management section, you can edit this by pressing > Settings then press > Data Management then press > Standard data.

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