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Create custom pages and menu links

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Pages allow you to create custom pages and external links that are pinned on the main menu. 

Once saved, your page or link will appear on the main menu below your active apps and forms. If you're interested in changing which apps are displayed on the main menu, please read this article.

Creating a page

To create a new page, you first need to go so Settings > Pages.

Now press the Create page button. 

You'll be presented with two options: Create a page and Create a link.

To create a page, press Create a page. All you need to do now is choose the Name and Icon that will be displayed in the main menu, and enter your content into the text editor. 

When you're ready, press Create page just below the text editor.

To create a link, navigate to the Pages section of Settings just as like we did above. 

Then press Create page, followed by Create a link. 

You'll then be able to enter the details of your link. 

Choose the Name and Icon that will be displayed in the main menu and enter the URL of the website that you wish to link to. 

You'll also have option to select whether link opens in the same tab or a new one.

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