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Whitelisting and blacklisting email addresses
Whitelisting and blacklisting email addresses

Login restrictions for 3rd party providers like Google, Microsoft and LinkedIn

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Whitelisting and blacklisting allow you to control who is and is not allowed to log in to the system at a very detailed level. Using these tools you are able to allow or block individual email address from logging into the system, even if they have been allowed to log in the past. This can be useful if a member of staff leaves, or if somebody that does not have a company email address needs to access the system.

To add an email address to a whitelist or blacklist, you will need to go to Settings > Authentication and then select Whitelist or Blacklist.

Next, press Add new whitelist entry and add the email address that you wish to allow onto the system.

The same process applies for blacklisting an email address.

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