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Getting started with Calendars
Getting started with Calendars

Learn how to add calendars and events

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Creating a Calendar

You have the option to have one or many calendars in Twine. If you are a small company, you’ll probably just use one calendar that shows company-wide events. If you are a larger company, you might also create different calendars for different departments or offices.

To create a new calendar, go to Settings > Calendars and press Create calendar.

Next, give the calendar a name and a location. The location is important: this defines the timezone of the calendar.

Your new calendar will now appear under Calendars in the menu – ready for events to be added to it.

Creating a new Event

There are three ways to create a new event. Either:

  • Press the Create Event button (top right)

  • Click on the day of your event

  • Click and drag over the time period of your event

Next, choose the time and date of your event and give it a title. You can also add a link to a map (e.g. Google Maps) and a link to more information (either another page on Twine or an external page).

Then press Create Event.

Your event will now appear on this calendar and will be visible to everybody who has access to that calendar.

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