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Integrating with Google Analytics
Integrating with Google Analytics

Hook up your analytics quickly

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Twine's integration with Google Analytics can give you detailed insight into how your system is being used.

If you don't already use Google Analytics, you'll need to set up an account.

If you already use Google Analytics you'll need to set up a new property for your intranet. This is easy to do, just follow these instructions. Please note: if you don't follow this step, you Twine data will be mixed in with your website data.

Once you've set up a new property, you'll need to navigate to it. If you already use Google Analytics for your website, you can switch to your intranet using the drop down in the top left (as shown below).

Next, you'll need the tracking ID. You'll be given this at the end of the setup process. Alternatively, you can find it by navigating to ADMIN > PROPERTY > TRACKING INFO in your Google Analytics account. 

Now, go into your Twine account. Then Settings > Global Settings and paste the ID into the Tracking ID field. 

You will now be able to track your traffic from the Google Analytics console. You can test this by going onto your intranet, and then checking the Real Time section of Google Analytics. If it's all working properly you should see at least one person – you!

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