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Managing Knowledge categories
Managing Knowledge categories

How to create, edit and move categories

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With Twine, you can easily create and organise an unlimited number of categories and subcategories.

Creating a category

To create a new category simply click Create category when in the main Knowledge area. 

Give your category a simple title and a brief description, and choose an appropriate icon. Please note that these fields are are all mandatory.

Next, you'll notice the Limit visibility toggle. Switch this if you want to limit access to certain users. You'll then be given the option to limit visibility by department, office or group.

Finally, press Create category at the bottom of the page.

Creating a subcategory

The process for creating a subcategory is identical to creating a category. Simply navigate to a category, click Create category, and follow the instructions above.

Re-ordering categories

It's easy to re-order items within a category. 

You'll find the Re-order button in the top right when viewing the main knowledge area or a category. Click this and you'll enter drag and drop mode. Once you're done re-ordering your items, simple click Finish in the top right.

Moving items between categories

Categories, sub-categories and articles can be freely moved between each other, with all of your settings and content remaining intact. This means that categories can be turned into sub-categories, and vice versa.

To move an item, you'll need to either be in the main knowledge area or a category. 

Tick the boxes to the left of the items you want to move. You'll then notice the Move dropdown menu appear. Click this, and select the category you would like to move these items to. It's that simple.

Deleting items in categories

You can bulk select items for deletion using the same method we used above when moving items. You'll notice when you tick the items, a red Delete button also appears next to the Move dropdown.

It's very important that you move any articles you want to keep to a different category before deleting a category.

Upon pressing Delete a confirmation pop-up will appear, listing the number of items that are contained within the categories you have selected.

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