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Managing profile information and user data
Managing profile information and user data

Change what information shows on registration and profiles

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Twine allows you to configure what data you collect on your users. This includes basic information like job title, phone number and department, but also allows you to add extra fields as you please. 

You can do this by going to Settings and then User Data. You'll see this screen:

Enabling and disabling existing fields is easy, just use the switch that appears next to each field.  

For more options, hover over an item and the Edit button will appear. Pressing this will take you to to this screen:

Registration gives the option to choose what appears on the registration form when new users are signing up. 

Required dictates whether a field needs to be filled out before a user can complete the registration form. 

Private/Public allows you to toggle how information appears on user profiles. You can choose between showing fields to all users (public) and restricting visibility to that user and admins (private). This is information is then segmented on user profiles, like the one below.

You're able to create new fields and configure these options in exactly the same way. 

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