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What to do when you first log in

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Welcome to Twine! Our mission is to help companies stay on top of their people, processes and tools as they grow. We do this by connecting the essential parts of the modern workplace such as news, events and documents together into one easy-to-manage platform.

How it works

  • Dashboard - this is your homepage, you can customise this with widgets for news, events, tasks, feeds and more.

  • Team Pages - use this to create additional, invite-only dashboards

  • People - this is your employee directory, use this to onboard new users.

  • News - use this to broadcast news and announcements across your company.

  • Knowledge - this is your content library, use this to organise your assets, policies and documents.

  • Forms - use this to build feedback forms and surveys.

  • Pages - use this to create custom HTML pages.

Inviting new users

To invite your team head to People and look for the the Invite new people button. Please note: when in trial mode, you'll only be able to invite 5 other users to your account.

Customising your intranet

Once you're settled with how Twine works, you'll want to make it your own. First, custom your intranet's theme so it matches your brand. Then, start building out your dashboard.

Guided demo

If you'd prefer a demo of the system with one of our team, just get in touch using the live chat in the corner and we'll set up a 20 minute screenshare.
Good luck!

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