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Managing authentications and login

Login restrictions for 3rd party providers like Active Directory, Google and LinkedIn

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Twine gives you the option to enable sign in using Active Directory (Azure), Microsoft, Google or LinkedIn accounts. This can be a good idea if you already use these services for your other workplace tools. 

Active Directory (Azure)

To integrate Active Directory with your Twine account, please follow this instructions: Adding Azure Active Directory.


To integrate Okta with your Twine account, please contact our design and development team.

Microsoft, Google and LinkedIn 

To add a new provider, head to Settings (the cog in the top right corner) and then navigate to Authentication. Once you're there, press the Add new provider button. You can now select from the list of supported providers and press Save. You can select more than one provider by repeating this process and selecting a different provider.

Enabling this will mean that your users will be able to sign in using their existing Microsoft/Google/LinkedIn accounts, rather than creating a whole new profile through the Twine registration form.

Note: In order to let your users log in using their third party accounts, your system must either allow open registrations or use the 'authorised domain' or 'whitelist' tabs to authorised specific email addresses.

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