Adding Box integration
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Create the Box app

Login to Box with your credentials at

Tap Create New App

Click Custom App

Then Next

Select Standard Oauth 2.0 User Authentication

Name the App 'Twine'

Click Done > View Your App

Make temporary note of client ID and client secret (you'll need to send this to Twine)

Set the Redirect URI to https://<twine domain> e.g. https://<yourdomain>

Set the Application Scopes is just "Read all files and folder..."

Then click Save and send the client ID and secret using the method below.

Securely sending data to Twine

Now we'll need to send this information securely to your Twine account manager.

  1. Paste in the following information: Application (client) ID, Directory (tenant) ID & the Client Secret value from above.

  2. Set a passphrase

  3. Let the link expire within a day

  4. Tap "Create a secret link"

  5. Copy and paste that link to your Twine account manager in an email directly with the passphrase that they will need.

  6. They then open it, securely make a note of it. The link and content at that point will expire. They will then RSVP that they have received the information correctly

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