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Getting started with Team Pages
Getting started with Team Pages

Learn how to create and manage Team Pages

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What is Team Pages?

Team Pages is a dashboard editor with apps for news, events and more. You can create as many Team Pages as you need: one for the marketing team, one for the New York and one for new starters – it's up to you. You can also set them as open, invite-only and hidden.

Creating team dashboards

To create a new Team, simply go to Teams > Create new team. Initially, your Team Page will be completely blank. You can add widgets by selecting Create a widget or by going Edit > Edit dashboard widgets.

You can add the following widgets:

  • News

  • Team talk

  • Calendar

  • Polls

  • RSS

  • Twitter

  • Custom embed

Managing team types

You can set whether a Team Page is open, invite-only or hidden by assigning it the appropriate team type when creating a new Team Page. Please note: you cannot change a team type after the page has been created.

To create and manage available team types, go to Teams > Manage team types. You’ll now see a list of Team Types that are currently set up on your system.

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