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Add widgets to your homepage

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You can customise Twine's dashboard to suit your business with the widgets such as task lists, polls and news feeds. 

To get started, simply go to Settings and scroll down to Dashboard.

You'll now be in the Dashboard Management view. Here, you can see, delete and re-order the widgets currently on your dashboard. You'll noticed that widgets are divided by whether they're displayed in the Main column or Side column.

If you want to switch columns or temporarily disable a widget, you'll need to click into it. This is also where you can change a widget's details such as where a feed widget pulls information from.

To create a new widget, click Create Widget while in the main Dashboard Management view. 

Please note: you can only create one of the following widgets: News, Activity Feed, Polls, Calendars, Eventbrite and Tasks. But, you can create as many Twitter, RSS and Youtube feeds as you need.

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