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Getting started with Knowledge
Getting started with Knowledge

Learn how to add articles, files and mandatory reads

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What is knowledge?

Knowledge is a lot like a 'library'. You organise books (content) into book shelves (categories) so that people can easily find whatever information they're looking for. This could include policies, brand assets or training documentation – it's really up to you.

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Adding content

You can create two types of Knowledge content:

  • Articles - use these when you have something short to write up or if you want to add rich media content.

  • Files - use these when you want to share multi-page documents or if you want to add live documents from Google Drive, Dropbox or Box.

Adding rich media to Articles

Twine uses iFramely, which means you can embed over 1800 different types of media. This includes news article, podcasts and much more. 

Simply click the 'Add media' button in the editor, paste the link into popup and the media will be auto-embedded.

Adding Files from third parties

Before you can add files from a third-party service, you'll need to have it turned it on by one of our support staff (drop us a message using the speech bubble in the bottom corner).

Adding Mandatory Reads

As an admin, you can mark Knowledge items as a 'mandatory read' for certain groups, offices or departments. 

When you do this, a notice will appear on your user's Dashboard that says 'You have items that you are required to read'. Users will have to mark an article as 'read' to make this notice disappear. You'll also be able to view a list of who has and hasn't read your mandatory read.

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