Our Getting started guide will help you set up your account and learn about Twine. If you’re an administrator, you’ll be given a few extra tips since you have special permissions.

First things to do

First, invite your team to explore the system with you. If you want your system to be open to anybody, you will need to change to ‘Open Registration’ mode.


We've filled this help centre with information on how to get up and running with each feature in Twine. Head over to the Using apps in Twine section to get started.

Customising your intranet

Once you're settled with how Twine works, you'll want to make it your own. First, custom your intranet's theme so it matches your brand. Then, start building out your dashboard.

Guided demo

If you'd prefer a demo of the system with one of our team, just get in touch using the live chat in the corner and we'll set up a 20 minute screenshare.

Good luck!

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